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Discovering your soul contract will let you know the energies (archetypes) you possess and a description of each.  You will be able to delve into each and see how they have played a part in your life to date and how they would play a part in what you have always wanted to do.  


Along with your Archetypes you will receive a list of tools to help you pull in the positive side of each archetype.  You will be given information about each tool and how they can help you along your journey. 


Included in this package is an hour long session with the creator of this package.  This session can be used to help you gain greater insight into your specific energies and how to connect with your particular spiritual guides.  


Begin your journey today!  When we are on our spiritual path we find our peace!

Discovering Your Soul Contract

$100.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price
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