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About Reiki

What is Reiki and what does it do?

Reiki (Ray-Key) is a Japanese word that consist of 2 words: Rei (meaning universal) and ki (meaning life force).  This is an energy that is found all around us.  Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using the “universal life energy/force which is channeled through the practitioners’ hands to the recipient.

     Reiki helps clear and stabilize an individual’s energy so that they may heal themselves.  A Reiki treatment can be conducted on oneself, another person, on an animal or any natural occurring entity (plants, water, stones, etc.).


Reiki Treatment:  The individual relaxes fully clothed, preferably on a massage table.  You may cover the individual with a blanket or sheet if this makes them more comfortable.  Pillows and/or bolster may also be used for the individual’s comfort.  A treatment can also be given while a person is on a bed, couch, chair or standing.  The important thing is comfort.

     The treatment itself can last from ½ hour to 1 hours. 

     As you hold your hands over the body there is no pressure, which makes it ideal to treat all ages and conditions. The energy will flow where it is needed.  Both the practitioner and the client may experience different sensations during the treatment.  Giving and receiving Reiki is a very relaxing and soothing experience.

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